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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Big Bear Choppers, motorcycle modification delivery order

BBC is the modification of California , United States . Not only orders from USA , also some countries in the world . They provide a variety of options and models for components ordered according to taste, imported in CKD and assembled by BBC Moto PT Indonesia ( BBCMI ) in Jalan TB Simatupang Kv 36, South Jakarta .

Uniqueness, consumers can choose what want ( original available ) such as engine capacity, the framework, models , accessory options , up to the rim and tire design. " All can creation , but we still have the model and grip . Custom production ".

If interested , can place an order , then wait up to four months . Painting process is done in Indonesia, precisely in bnegkel BBCMI in Jalan Pangeran Antasari South Jakarta. The price , quite expensive , which is in the range of 580-700 million rupiah. The price can go up and down dependent models and components selected.

Reza guarantee, great custom bike "delivery order" that have been adapted to the posture of Indonesia . Given a one-year warranty from the goods received. If you have this, no need to bother coming home to local modifications, but have paid the price quite expensive.